Business Services

We offer a range of business services to suit any size or type of business.

Business Strategy

Business leaders from time to time must review, reset and implement effective strategies. We help businesses in reviewing, preparing, planning and implementing such strategies whether it is to resolve a specific problem or one to drive the business growth.

Business Consulting

We provide general business consulting addressing the challenges being faced by your business and helping you overcome such challenges. We strive to follow a strategic problem solving approach to ensure that high level results are achieved in addressing the challenge as well as planning next steps stemming from the challenge.

Minimum Viable Product

We help both start up businesses that are just embarking as well as established businesses that are looking to bring a new product into the market, in planning their MVP strategy and design and build their MVPs which the businesses are then able to use to test and gauge customer attention and even utilise it to secure investor capital to assist the business in its future growth plans.

Business Plans/Pitch Decks

We develop high quality business plans and pitch decks for new businesses as well as for business expansions. Whether you require a plan for something as simple as opening business bank accounts, or a pitch deck for something more intricate such as attracting prospective investors or raising finance for starting or scaling up, we can help you prepare a high level business plan or pitch deck with tailored level of details. Our business plans and pitch decks usually include structure, strategy, market research, marketing and bespoke financial planning and modelling.

UVP/Competition Analysis

Your customer proposition defines what services you offer, for which kind of customers or audience and at what price. It is what makes you stand out from your competitors and is your unique value proposition (UVP). This is why your customers should choose you rather than someone else, and this becomes a productive way for you to communicate with them in an engaging and compelling manner and start to build your long-term customer relationships. We can help you analyse your present competition, ascertain your future competition, plan or refine your customer proposition and build your UVP.

Cost Reduction

We help businesses become more profitable by setting and implementing the right strategies for business growth, and by identifying ways to increase efficiency and cut costs. We also help businesses optimise their processes to become more cost and time effective and we can help you to streamline your services, improve customer experience, improve quality of your service, save your time and reduce your costs.

Ad-hoc Solutions

All businesses face obstacles and we resolve them. Whatever issues you are facing we are experts at problem solving, skilled at identifying root cause and providing practical, cost-effective and tailored solutions to overcome your business obstacles and meet your needs

Business Health Check

We provide healthchecks to businesses, just as doctors provide these to individuals. We conduct an in- depth review of all aspects of your business to identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and advise you on how to maximise your strengths and opportunities and minimise your weaknesses and threats.

Financial Analysis/Modelling

Whether this is required for a new business or an established one, we can help in preparing custom financial models, perform periodic analysis of key financial data and perform ad-hoc analysis to help with decision making for your leadership teams specific to any aspect of your business.

Business Marketing

Marketing is the indispensable factor for growing your customer base. However most businesses are not equipped on how to approach the right kind of marketing to generate best results for the business. This has become more complicated with the endless ways of marketing businesses on social media and the internet, a lot of the times which do not result in fruitful results for the businesses and mostly result in loss of business’ capital. We can help you in developing the right kind of strategy tailored to your business needs, aspirations and budget.

Organisational Design

We can help you optimise your organisational structure by refining your staff roles and responsibilities, which in turn will allow your business to become more efficient, save you costs, and ensure your business is making the most of its personnel resources.

Coaching and Mentoring

We provide a one-to-one service to business owners and leadership teams to resolve a specific issue that your business might be facing and enable you to identify and address all present and potential pitfalls.