About Gunea Luthra

Gunea aspires to be your one stop contact for serving your business and legal needs.


Hailing from a business family, Gunea had become entrepreneurial and business-minded from a very young age of 14 when she started selling customised coded study programmes to her fellow students at school. She started her first big business endeavour of delivering Information Technology tuitions in Kuwait in English as well as in the local language Arabic during her high school summer vacations when she was 16.

She has continued to undertake various business endeavours since then and has been involved in some major projects such as SportsTech and EdTech start-ups in recent years and even solely founded a well ahead of its time first-ever national legal advice platform in the UK at the age of 24 whilst she was studying law.

Away from working, she enjoys reading, travelling, keeping fit, fine dining, music and most forms of creative art as well as being an adrenaline seeker and a trainee pilot.

Her legal experience includes working as a Partner as well as a Consultant at very reputable firms, including top 5 global law and big 4 global accountancy firms along with the ones within the UK legal 100, legal 200 and legal 500s.

 She became a Partner at a young age of 31 and had led departments at multiple law firms where she worked on several high value transactions as well as modest ones. 

After having reached a plateau in her career growth, she started working on her own account in 2018 and then went on to work for several reputable law and accountancy firms as a Consultant, as well as undertaking business and legal consultancy work with clients directly. 

Her specialist areas include :

  • mergers
  • disposals
  • acquisitions
  • takeovers
  • private equity
  • venture capital
  • capital markets
  • buy backs


  • joint venture
  • federations
  • corporate restructuring
  • procurement,
  • franchising
  • corporate governance
  • commercial contracts. 

With over 25 years’ combined experience across global business and legal spheres herself and her commercially-driven attitude, Gunea is your one stop contact for serving your business and legal needs, regardless of where you are based in the world. 

She aspires to understand thoroughly her clients’ business and objectives and is dedicated to providing the most efficient and a competitively priced solution to meet their needs. 

With that in mind, she offers a 30-minutes free consultation just to gather
the vision, path, ambitions, goals and the business and legal needs of the enterprise, so that she can aptly advise in terms of what’s best for the enterprise to meet its needs and provide a plan and strategy of dealing with the same in a timely manner.