With over 25 years of combined experience in business and legal spheres globally, we are your one stop contact for serving your business and legal needs.

One of the best at getting into the spirit of the business to help it shape and grow

With over 25 years of combined experience in business and legal spheres globally, we are your one stop contact for serving your business and legal needs.
We have worked with and served several businesses including start ups and scale ups from an array of sectors including:

  • technology
  • media
  • education
  • food and beverage
  • hotels hospitality and leisure
  • life sciences and healthcare
  • retail accommodation
  • charities and not for profit, both nationally and internationally.


We recognise that every business has its own unique challenges and every client has its own unique demands, and we approach each business and client with that in mind and deliver our services best tailored to them. We assist our clients in realising their objectives and ensure delivery of our services to them efficiently and cost-effectively.

Whilst we are based in the one of the top financial hubs of the world, in the City of London, we cater to businesses all over the world, particularly from the UK, Europe, USA, UAE, Asia and Africa.

We also provide an “in-house” service to our clients on a retained basis, as well as we work with business enterprises from across the globe to serve their business and legal needs for any specific project or another undertaking of theirs on a ‘project basis’ both of which our clients find cost-effective and time-efficient. 

We have a network of reputable professionals within different jurisdictions, including tax, environmental, constitutional consultants and other intermediaries, that we partner with to provide a tailored, hassle-free and all-inclusive service to our clients on their multi-national projects so that our clients can focus on the goals and growth of their business and leave the time-consuming and tedious formalities to us.

We are led by Gunea Luthra who having worked with and for numerous businesses of all sizes and kinds globally, from private start ups to multi-national public organisations as well as not-for-profits and government bodies, and having become an entrepreneur and conducted multiple business ventures herself in different countries from a very young age, knows exactly where business must meet legals and vice versa.

  • Assist in your business matters

    Our business services include the likes of strategic planning, business plans, forecasts, business reviews and growth strategy.

  • Assist you in your legal matters

    Our legal services include the likes of mergers, acquisitions and disposals, start-ups and growth, joint ventures and strategic partnerships, corporate restructuring, franchising and inward investment into the UK.

We pride ourselves on the word of mouth we earn from delivering great quality and efficient service and our level of commitment towards our impeccable service to our clients can be found by our client’s testimonials

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